Go-To Vegan Basil Pesto

Use this homemade vegan basil pesto drizzled over your roast vegetables or make an easy pesto gnocchi or pesto pasta dish in minutes. This pesto makes pretty much everything taste better while remaining totally dairy free!

vegan basil pesto recipe food processor Just look at this beautiful bunch. All those glorious textures with the fragrant basil, the buttery pine nuts, creamy hemp seeds, and that yellow fluffy powder you might be wondering? Our Better Cheddar vegan cheese powder of course! Of course making pesto usually requires parmesan cheese, but to keep this dairy free and delightful while still giving us that cheesy savoury hit we love, level up your pesto with a scoop of Better Cheddar.

vegan basil pesto recipe

This pesto recipe is BURSTING with goodness and flavour, and we're absolutely here for it. In this recipe we specifically use toasted pine nuts which you lightly toast in a pan over medium high heat until they go golden, letting them cool before adding into the processor. As the natural oils release while you toast the pine nuts, their flavour intensifies and provides a moorish base. Go ahead and try this easy vegan basil pesto recipe and just try stop yourself licking up every last bit!






1 clove garlic

2 big bunch of fresh basil

3/4 cup toasted pine nuts

¼ cup hulled hemp seeds

½ cup Knowrish Well Better Cheddar powder

½ cup Extra virgin olive oil 

1 cup baby spinach 

Squeeze fresh lemon juice (optional)


  1. Peel the garlic, then add all ingredients into the food processor besides the olive oil.
  2. Blend until combined. Slowly start to add olive oil until you reach desired consistency.
  3. Enjoy with crackers, crudites, or incorporate into a pesto pasta dish.



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