The Nut Butter To Conquer All Nut Butters

The perfect nut butter really does exist. We know this because at this very moment we're licking the last spoonful of this magical stuff. We've been eating this incredibly creamy, nourishing, and subtly sweet nut butter recipe with just about everything - on toast, with apples, in our smoothies, on anything worthy of its powers...or you know, by the spoonful. 

healthy nut butter recipe with tocos

Now, if the thought of making your own homemade nut butter was followed by the thought that required some real adulting prowess we're here as always to reassure and tell you that A. you have more skills than you're capable of and B. this recipe really just comes down to the power that lies in your blender/food processor. It's a bit of a scoop it, drop it, drizzle it dance in the kitchen and once its all whipped together you'll be left with a jar of goopy, drizzle-your-heart-out nut butter. 

vegan gluten free homemade nut butter recipe

vegan gluten free nut butter recipe

This recipe contains a few benefits more than your regular nut butter thanks to the added delicious tocos for natural vitamin E tocotrienols and antioxidants which also helps to also give it an incredible texture and naturally sweet taste and chia seeds for extra fibre and plant based Omega-3 fatty acids. We've used a mix of toasted almonds and cashews in our nut butter but you can use just one variety if you prefer!

Enough drooling though, we'll let you decide! Let us know what you think #knowrishwell @knowrishwell xx



MAKES: 1 medium jar 

MAKE TIME: 20 min


1/2 cup toasted almonds

3/4 cup toasted cashews

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

2 1/2 tbsp. Tocos

2 pinches himalayan salt

1/4 cup coconut MCT oil

1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste



  1. Place toasted nuts in a high powered blender or food processor and the rest of the ingredients except salt. Blend until smooth before adding a pinch or two of salt and pulse several times to mix salt well in the mixture.

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