Pitaya Raspberry Bliss Balls

Pitaya Berry Bliss Ball recipe gluten free vegan recipeWe know bliss balls have been around for a while so you're probably not going too crazy over these bad boys at this point, but trust us. Not all bliss balls were created the same.

The beauty of these bliss balls (aside from being ridiculously photogenic) is that their not too sweet and their packed with superfood power from our Knowrish Well Pitaya blend. So both your tastebuds and body will be loving your snack choice. Feel free to add some plant-based protein into the mix too! We'd recommend a vanilla or berry flavoured one to suit the rest of the recipe. If this dries out your bliss ball mixture too much then add a teeny tiny bit of melted coconut oil just to help soften the mixture again. 

Pitaya Berry Bliss ball recipe gluten free vegan recipe

Another reason to get excited? When we say these balls are ridiculously easy to make, we mean it. Put on the tunes, get a little James Brown funky in the kitchen and you still won't mess this one up.  

Pitaya Berry Bliss Ball recipe pink pitaya recipe gluten free vegan recipe

Leftovers, should you have any, can easily be stored in the fridge sealed and ready to serve you in your next time of need (aka snack attack). We'd recommend keeping them up to a week refrigerated.

Alright friends, it's Saturday and that's a wrap for the week! If you have any kitchen go-to tunes or recreate this recipe we wanna know! Be sure to #KnowrishWell or @knowrishwell on Instagram so we can see. 

the Knowrish Well team



MAKES: 6 large bliss balls

MAKE TIME: 30 min




1 cup raw cashew nuts

8 medjool dates, pitted

tbsp Knowrish Well Pitaya blend powder

¼ frozen raspberries

Pinch himalayan pink salt

2 tsp vanilla extract flavour

1 tbsp agave syrup or rice malt syrup

1 ¼ tbsp coconut butter (softened)

 TOPPING (optional)

½ cup chopped pistachio nuts

1/3 cup Freeze dried Raspberry crumbs

Choice of  other nuts , seeds



  1. Blitz the cashew nuts in a food processor til you get a fine/crumbly texture. 
  2. Add remaining bliss ball ingredients to food processor until well combined.
  3. Transfer into a bowl and Using hands roll mixture into large balls or snack size bites depending on your preference.
  4. When done gently pat with paper towel to remove excess moisture and roll onto chopped nuts/seeds/freeze dried raspberry.
  5. Place in a container and Pop in fridge for an hour to set. Keep stored in the fridge until ready to eat. Enjoy!


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