Pink Pitaya Bowl

We love the natural fruity sweetness of pink pitaya and its captured perfectly in this Pink Pitaya bowl recipe. Whether you have it for breakfast or as a dessert, this will be your new, refreshing go-to. 

vegan pink pitaya bowl recipe

The natural colour of pink pitaya (known commonly as Dragon fruit) is so beautiful its hard to ignore. Who doesn't want to wake up to beautiful bowl of superfood colour? Pitaya bowls are great because you can always create your own combination. Adding more frozen fruit will thicken the consistency of the mix, or if you're not a fan of coconut water you can easily replace with cold pressed apple juice. This recipe is the perfect base to start creating pitaya bowls then you can easily add your own personal twist to suit your preferences. 

Knowrish Well Pitaya Blend

Don't forget toppings to add extra nutrition and flavour to your pitaya bowl! Be sure to share your own Pitaya bowl creations and tag us! 

pink pitaya bowl recipePINK PITAYA BOWL


MAKES: 1 bowl

PREP TIME: 15 min




1 tbsp Pitaya Blendv powder

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen mango

Splash of coconut water (adjust accordingly)


Goji Berries

Fresh Blueberries

Peach, sliced

White Dragonfruit, balled



  1. In a high powered blender, combine all of the Pink Pitaya Bowl mix ingredients together. Blend until smooth and add more coconut water if necessary depending on your preferences. 
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl immediately. Decorate with toppings.
  3. Enjoy immediately! 


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