Can cheese really be addictive? Here's the answer.

Cheese is sometimes found in the most delicious of foods. It's salty, moorish, tangy and yes, as it turns out can actually be addictive. Is it on your mind that you could never give up cheese or it’s that one thing that you'd truly miss? Well there are reasons why you might struggle to give it up.

Normal cheese from the supermarket contains Casein, a dairy protein found in all dairy products, which triggers dopamine production in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter related to feelings of pleasure and reward, the same pathway stimulated by drugs. Basically, cheese has an addictive molecule built in it and each bite of cheese promotes a tiny hit of dopamine.

A cup of milk contains 7.7 grams of protein with 80% being casein. When made into a cheddar cheese, it contains 56 grams of protein. That is 7 times more protein and 7 times more addictive casein. This is part of the reason why we crave cheese more than other dairy products like milk. 



The other reason is salt. Our brain's reward pathway releases dopamine when we eat salty foods like cheese.  Salt Is necessary for survival. Salt cravings are a common indication that adrenal glands are being over stimulated due to stress. So, there you have it, your cheese addiction validated by science. 

We get it, cheese is undeniably tasty which is why it's often hard for people to simply avoid it when they can't find alternative options that meet those delicious expectations. When vegans are asked what they miss eating most, a popular answer is cheese. If you think I am talking to you and you're searching for something that meets these cravings without the dairy, let us introduce you to our friend, Better Cheddar vegan cheese powder. We can’t promise you a dopamine release but we can promise you that it tastes amazing. You can sprinkle this on any dish or even make your own cheese block, just like that mouth-watering block you buy from the supermarket without the undesirable side effects or hidden nasties. 

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