5 Wellness Routines To Try Today

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson 

It's clear after the turbulence of the last 18 months, just how important our at home routines are . We all know that waking up and reading your morning newspaper (aka Facebook or Instagram) is not a good wellness routine, so we’re here to give you five wellness activities to enrich your day and won’t cost you a thing. They say it takes 3 days to form a habit, so hold on, be patient with yourself, and stick to it for the game-changing benefits. The team here at Knowrish Well HQ have come together to share their favourite simple home routines that are totally worth a try. 

Make your bed 

Research does show that making your bed everyday can have a positive impact on your overall lifestyle. For most people making their beds every morning is an essential step toward a productive and fulfilling day. It gives a feeling of accomplishment before even leaving the house or starting your work. I don’t know about you, but having a tidy bed and clean sheets is like having a chocolate bar all to yourself (so satisfying).

Gratitude or affirmations

Gratitude has a number of different meanings. A clinical definition is “the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself: a general state of thankfulness” (1).  Starting your day with gratitude or affirmations has shown to increase positivity, self-esteem, reduce stress and just make a healthier and happier you.  You can do this however you wish, using a gratitude journal, an app or simply just saying it in your head or aloud. Either way this is associated with a sense of personal wellbeing. 

Warm cup of water each morning

Drinking a warm cup of water first thing in the morning, stimulates your digestive system and will help your body to digest better throughout the day. Studies have shown a cup of warm water has positive effects on bowel movements (2). Plus, there is something therapeutic about having a warm cup of something first thing in the morning to gently awaken.  If you don’t like plain water, add fresh lemon,  have a cup of tea or even one of our Super Lattes to start your day. 


We are spending more time at home, more time at our desks and more time on the couch watching Netflix. We are staying more stagnate, which means our muscles and bones suffer. Getting some sort of movement each day is good for us. Whether that be physical exercise, yoga, Pilates or even just stretching. It can reduce your risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure, manage weight, and improve health of bones and muscles (3). 



Take in some sun and fresh air

Having breaks from your screen, while getting some fresh air and sunshine can have such a beneficial effect on our mental health and cognition; relieve tired eyes and boost  productivity.
The World Health Organisation recommends that “5 to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure of hands, face and arms two to three times a week during the summer months is sufficient to keep your vitamin D levels high”. Taking some time in fresh air ultimately makes you feel better but it clears your lungs, restarts your brain and can reduce your stress (4). 

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