What A Naturopath Eats In A Day For Optimal Winter Wellness

Our resident expert Naturopath, Hannah breaks down exactly what she eats in a day to nourish well during the cooler months. 

Knowrish Well Naturopath

5.30am: My day starts at 5.30am in the morning and I always start off with a warm cup of water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This gives my tummy a nice little boost for the day. Starting your day off with a warm cup of water alone, supports your tummy while creating an urge for your digestion to start. I personally prefer Apple Cider Vinegar over lemon in my water each morning. 

5.45am: The first thing I eat is a banana before I do a gym session. Once I have finished at the gym, I will head home and have breakfast. 

7.30am: My go-to easy breakfast and my fuel to start the day is overnight oats. The night before I will prepare my oats with almond milk and allow them to soak overnight. Due to it being cold and I want something warm, I will heat my oats over a low temperature in a saucepan, when I am ready to eat. In my oats I will have some protein powder and a cup full of berries. Berries are high in antioxidants and so good for you, because they are known to reduce inflammation and fight any free radical damage. Which in easy terms means, help support your cells from damage.  A protein source in each meal is also beneficial to keep energy levels up and to also make you feel fuller for longer. My other go-to breakfast is a chia pudding for when I want a gluten free option. In the cooler months, I will opt for a smoothie full of banana, berries, chia seeds, protein powder and almond milk. 

8am: After breakfast is done, I will have my Self Defence Immune Powder just with water, especially in these cooler months when we need that immune support. It is so yummy and easy to take and all in one easy drink. Throughout the day I also try to keep my fluid intake up and aim for 3-4 litres of water. This is essential for me, to keep myself hydrated.

12.30pm: For lunch, I will make a giant salad. Including capsicum, kale, spinach, carrot, cucumber, avocado, some feta and grilled salmon. I like to eat all the colours of the rainbow, to make sure I get all types of nutrients in for the day. I also try to have fish 2-3 times per week to make sure I am getting some fatty acids into my diet (helps reduce inflammation).  If I want a vegan and plant based protein option, I will have some roasted chickpeas, instead of the salmon. As you can tell, I am not vegan, but I will intuitively listen to what my body wants and when I don’t feel like meat I go with more plant based options. I am all about balance. 

3pm: In the afternoon, once I hit that peckish time, I love to have my Wild Fields Mushroom Broth. This curbs all the cravings and it’s a nice hot drink that is supporting my immune system again with Vitamin D and medicinal mushrooms.  

Knowrish Well Wild Fields Mushroom Broth in a mug

6pm: Dinner is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day! Dinner will change for me, but now that it's winter I am loving at the moment having a slow cooked meal. Slow cooked meals are so good for you because when vegetables or meat are slow cooked, it means it makes it slightly easier to digest and easier on your tummy. I might have a slow cooked stew, with organic beef and load it with some vegetables or I might have a chickpea and vegetable curry. They will slow cook all day. The stew will include organic beef, sweet potato, broccoli, corn, peas and spinach with crushed tomatoes, garlic and herb and spices. For my  vegetable curry, I will usually use chickpeas (big fan here!), broccoli, pumpkin, corn, peas, spinach, with coconut cream, curry powder, cumin and other herbs and spices I'll grab from my pantry.  

If I’m wanting a sweet treat after dinner, I might go for some chocolate, yoghurt, a piece of fruit or I'll pick Knowrish Well’s Golden State Super Latte as a warming treat for the tummy, mixed with hot coconut milk (the turmeric and ginger in the blend are rare great for digestion). My day will end around 9pm and off I go to bed to get a good night's sleep. 


I hope you've enjoyed my What I Eat in A Day! 

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