4 Tips To Kickstarting 2023

The festive season might be over, but the New Year has only just begun. A fresh year brings not only a lot of excitement, opportunity and motivation but it can also cause an overwhelming pressure to completely change your life and build unrealistic habits. If you’re feeling this pressure and finding yourself a little lost, then these handy tips might be just what you need. The KW team have put together our top tips to kick start your New Year.  

  1. Define your vision and set your goals: If you struggle with defining your vision for the year or are not sure where to start, our favourite method of goal setting is through a vision board. Fill a sheet of paper or cardboard with inspiration quotes, images, magazine clippings and words that represent the year that YOU want. Maybe you want to go on that Italian getaway you have been talking about for years, or maybe you want to run a marathon. Whatever your relationship, personal, career or general goals are, this vision board activity can help to solidify what goals are a priority. Once you’ve created your vision board, use these themes to create goals that follow the SMART goal format; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.
  2. Practice gratitude: practicing gratitude daily can transform your outlook on life, harness positivity and allow yourself to focus on the good. Practicing gratitude can be as simple as setting a reminder on your phone with a daily quote, journaling 3 things you’re grateful for everyday or even just having a quiet, still moment to yourself before bed. Daily gratitude can also be a useful reflection tool and can help you acknowledge your daily progress in pursuit of your New Year goals.
  3. Clean, clean, clean: Starting the year off with a tidy space can help you mentally prepare for the year. If you didn’t get your summer cleaning done prior to the New Year, don’t worry! January can be the perfect time to clean out those junk drawers, donate your unwanted clothes and have your space feeling squeaky clean.
  4. One healthy habit at a time; it’s easy to fall into the trap of picking an extensive list of healthy habits you’d like to create in the New Year. Although the intention is there, picking one healthy habit at a time is usually a better way to build consistency. Once you’ve got that habit down pat, you can try adding another one into the mix. This way you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and allow yourself to gradually change your behaviour. Overtime, you can make the transition to a healthier lifestyle more manageable.

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