Shroom Brew Martini (Get Boozy With Benefits)

It was only a matter of time before our coffee-tasting medicinal mushroom caffeine free latte mix was going to appear in a boozy rendition. And what better time than the holidays when everyone is drinking it up, soaking in the sun and feeling all the vibes. Espresso Martini's are a classic in our books and they always feel so indulgent which is why we love them as a bit of a treat. So if we're treating our tastebuds we might as well treat our bodies to some nourishing ingredients at the same time, right? 

shroom brew martini recipe 

We're getting boozy with benefits with this Shroom Brew Martini recipe. Yes, there is still alcohol in this recipe but for many of us, as long as we don't overdo it, having a couple of drinks is OK. The best kind of healthy recipes are the ones that make us forget their 'healthy' in the first place. While we wouldn't say this is the healthiest recipe we'll ever create, sometimes you just have to live a little and make the best of the situation. So if we're drinking, then you bet we're slipping in some sneaky healthy ingredients along the way.

shroom brew martini recipe

shroom brew martini recipe

The star of this recipe is our Shroom Brew Super Latte mix - this delicious blend is totally caffeine free which means you'll be able to drink an 'Espresso' Martini for the first time without worrying about getting anxious and jittery. The Shroom Brew is also what will give this cocktail the sumptuous coffee-like taste we need, creating a perfectly creamy and rich flavour.

shroom brew martini recipe

A little tip for you while preparing the cocktail mix, place ice cubes in your glass. This will help to chill your glass even more and keep your drink cold! Now let's get to making this Shroom Brew Martini recipe and try to contain your excitement. 



MAKE TIME: 20 min

MAKES: 2 martinis


1/3 cup almond milk

1 tbsp coconut cream

1 tsp Knowrish Well Shroom Brew Super Latte

1/8 tsp vanilla bean extract

2 tsp rice malt or maple syrup

2 shots vodka

Ice cubes

Cocktail shaker


  1. Mix almond milk milk and coconut cream well and warm up for 30-40 seconds in microwave to help dissolve coconut cream.
  2. Add in the Shroom Brew Super Latte and mix well to ensure powder dissolves. Add vanilla bean extract and syrup then store in fridge for at least 15 min. Add ice to your martini glasses while sitting.
  3. Add vodka to martini mix in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously. Tip out ice from martini glasses and pour in martini mix.
  4. Top with a dusting of vegan dark chocolate. Cheers!


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