Whoever said green is mean has obviously never had this Matcha Blondie Slice. Combining vegan white chocolate chips with, of course, our Mystic Matcha Super Latte, these blondies are super sweet, gorgeous in colour and a matcha made in heaven.



½ cup salted vegan butter

½ cup vegan white chocolate chips

¾ cup sugar (can also use monk fruit sweetener)

2 Flax eggs 

⅓ cup milk of choice

1 tablespoon Knowrish Well Mystic Matcha Super Latte

1 ¾ cup gluten free flour

¼ cup icing sugar

¼ teaspoon baking powder


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Add the vegan butter and ¼ cup of the chocolate chips to a large, microwave-safe bowl. Heat it in the microwave for a minute. Stir this together into a smooth mixture. Stir in the sugar and then let this cool for about 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, make the egg replacer in a small bowl by mixing it with the plant milk until it's smooth. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes to thicken a bit.
  • Use a sifter to add the flour, powdered sugar, and baking powder to a separate bowl. Then, whisk them together.
  • Line a baking dish with baking paper.
  • Mix the flax eggs into the wet batter, then sift in the Mystic Matcha blend. Whisk it into a smooth, green mixture.
  • Gently stir in the dry ingredients. Then, fold in the remaining white chocolate chips. Spread the batter into a flat layer in the dish, and then top it with a few more chocolate chips.
  • Cover it with some foil and bake it for 25-30 minutes. Uncover it during the last 5 minutes and remove it from the oven as soon as you see that the edges are starting to firm up and the centre doesn't jiggle when you shake the pan. It will continue to cook and set while it's cooling.

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