Why You'll Love Better Cheddar Vegan Cheese Powder

When speaking to plant based eaters, do you know what the most common food they seem to miss the most? Nope, it’s not chocolate, the answer is cheese.

Vegan cheese is one of the hardest foods to master, and we’re excited to finally announce that we’ve made the impossible possible and present to you the bomb-est cheese powder; Better Cheddar. Free from dairy and gluten, our Better Cheddar perfectly mimics the delicious flavour of cheddar cheese but with wholesome, plant-based ingredients. We’re proud to say our Better Cheddar free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, so you can give into those cheesy cravings any time!

Knowrish Well Better Cheddar vegan cheese powder

To give you a lowdown of what’s in our Cheese; lets break it down…

The base of our Better Cheddar is made up of raw cashew nuts, nutritional yeast and coconut milk. Cashew nuts help provide a delicious creamy texture thanks to their rich content of unsaturated fats including oleic and linoleic. A great vegan-friendly source of Iron and healthy fats, cashews also contain micronutrients including magnesium, potassium, zinc and Vitamin E.

Of course nutritional yeast is equally as important as cashew nuts, as it naturally provides that ‘cheesy’ flavour. Its flavour profile includes; nutty, creamy, umami (savoury tasting) and of course cheesy. Flavour aside, we also include nutritional yeast for its impressive nutritional composition. Vegetarian and vegan diets can often be deficient in B vitamins, which is why nutritional yeast is a must, not only does it provide a great source of fibre and protein but most importantly B vitamins such as B12. Nutritional Yeast is associated with improved immune function, digestion, and skin health.

Knowrish Well Better Cheddar vegan cheese powder

Coconut milk another key player in our Better Cheddar, provides a subtle creamy taste completing the taste and texture profile. It also provides a source of healthy fats such as medium chain triglycerides.

Other goodies in our Better Cheddar include Organic Lucuma, which is a popular Peruvian super fruit. It adds a nice rounded flavour and also provides micronutrients.

You’ll also notice Turmeric Powder appearing in the ingredient list. Turmeric provides a savoury taste and natural colour plus anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

When formulating Better Cheddar, convenience and versatility was something we knew we had to nail along with nutrition and taste! You can enjoy it in a number of different ways such as sprinkling it on pizzas, salads or pastas. It can also be transformed into the ultimate gooey cheese sauce by mixing it with almond milk (definitely one of our favourites!)

So there you have it, we can guarantee Knowrish Well Better Cheddar will become your favourite pantry staple!


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