Why Meghan Markle Sticks To A Vegan Diet (but only on weekdays)

It's been a whole month since the world united to watch Prince Harry and the new Duchess of Sussex tie the knot, in a celebration that had more than 2 billion of us glued to our TV screens.

To no-one’s surprise, Meghan Markle looked radiant in her Givenchy dress, prompting many of us to ask - how does she do it?!

The good news is that you don’t need a royal budget to look as fresh and fabulous as Meghan. Her secret lies not inexpensive products and a superhuman workout regime but in her diet!

That's right - Meg's glowing skin, bright eyes, and trim physique are a result of her largely vegan diet.

Although you may flinch at the thought of ditching your favourite treats, you don't have to go completely vegan to benefit from a plant-based diet.

Read on to find out how Meghan keeps her figure AND her favourite snacks and how you can join her in better health, more energy, and a revitalized appearance.

What’s Part-Time Veganism?

Once the exclusive domain of animal rights activists, veganism has rapidly been growing to become more mainstream in recent years. Beyonce's done it, Brad Pitt's done it and now vegan restaurants and cookbooks are becoming more popular than ever before.

 As the environmental, ethical, and health benefits of a vegan diet start to become common knowledge, it's no surprise that more and more people are turning their backs on meat and dairy.


Part-time veganism is the happy medium that caters to the best of both worlds and can be adapted to suit everyone. Meghan herself observes the ‘weekday rule,' eating vegan in the week and allowing herself to indulge in her favourite treats only at weekends.

Many other part-time vegans avoid animal products after 6 pm, on alternate days, or even just for certain meals.

Still, need convincing? Let’s look at some of the benefits of a part-time vegan diet!

Shed Excess Weight

If your goal is to drop a few pounds, part-time veganism could be your best option for trimming down that waistline.

The logic is simple; most people’s vices - cakes, cheese, burgers, pizza - contain meat or dairy. By setting up small windows of time in which to indulge in your favourite treats, you can effortlessly break the habit of snacking on your favourite fatty foods!

Get Glowing Skin

Meg’s fresh and youthful appearance is largely thanks to her glowing complexion. This effect goes way beyond acne and blemishes, as certain fruits and veggies high in Vitamin C (such as citrus fruits, blackcurrant, and chilli pepper) can actually help to slow skin ageing. Including plenty of Vitamin C in your diet can help to keep your face firm, smooth, and free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Safeguard Your Long-term Health

Upping your intake of plant-based foods could do wonders for your long-term health. Research has found that those who eat less meat and dairy can enjoy a lowered risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers. 

If there's one thing we can learn from Meghan, it’s that we don’t have to go completely vegan to reap the benefits of a diet high in plant-based foods. Part-time vegans can enjoy boosted energy levels, better health, and improved appearance, all without missing out on the odd treat.

Remember, beauty comes from within - so pay attention to what you’re putting inside!


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