Good News: There's A Perfect Coffee Alternative To Get You Off Caffeine

It's become the way that we start our day, with a cup of coffee in hand and for many preferably within the first hour of waking. It’s come to the point that we don’t skip a beat when memes like “but first coffee” enter our vocabulary. Here’s the thing, when did we last ask ourselves what our addiction to caffeine could be doing to us? Naturopath Hannah Jayne breaks down exactly why you’ll be rethinking that next espresso.

best coffee alternative

Caffeine can be found and derived from a few main sources including tea leaves, cocoa beans, kola nuts and most widely, from coffee beans.

Of course, there are some good benefits to coffee. There have been several studies conducted to say that caffeine can protect the heart, but that’s only when you stick to recommended amount. It’s not uncommon to see people downing their second coffee before 10am. We’ve become such a ‘go go’ society, we run off adrenaline and never get time to stop. This is why we get so tired and that’s when the coffee cravings start.

Ever wondered why coffee affects some people and not others? The body’s ability to metabolise caffeine can be faster or slower person to person depending on the individuals personal health. Some may be more adrenally driven than others, and this is why caffeine can make them feel worse, ironically feeling more tired, experience digestive issues, insomnia or so anxious and on edge that you become less productive.

Adding stress to our body by putting our adrenals constantly under pressure can have greater problems to our overall health down the line. If being dependent on a stimulant bothers you and you’re sick of anticipating when the post-coffee panic attack will come through, then stress less! We’ve got some totally caffeine free coffee alternatives to make your daily a little smoother without the crash.

 Here are some of our top caffeine-free picks to start your day:

  • Find your favourite coffee alternative (say hello to Shroom Brew!)
  • Get up and do some exercise first thing in the morning to get those endorphins running and even better doing it in the sunshine (just don’t skip the SPF) this improves your circadian rhythm and helps you feel better
  • Drink a glass of water upon waking. This keeps your hydration in check and supports your tummy
  • Eat a good breakfast. Include some protein and good fats into your breakfast to pick up that energy
  • Stress can make us feel like we have no energy, meditating each morning will help pick up your energy
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep; 6-8 hours is recommended.

What is Shroom Brew? Medicinal mushrooms give you that pick me up that coffee gives without the crash and jitters. It also provides immune enhancing properties, rich in antioxidants, can reduce stress response in the body and improves your wellbeing. Tick, tick, tick! Besides this naturopathic blend making you feel good, if you crave the taste of coffee, then the Dandelion root inside Shroom Brew helps to mimic the strong, bitter flavour.

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