Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Matcha is just about everywhere - it’s on our social feeds, it's the latest iteration of the most recent dessert craze, and it's in our cups (of course). But for those who’re still that bit curious before taking the plunge, here’s all the important stuff to know about this antioxidant powerhouse. 

Knowrish Well Matcha latte

Matcha green tea is without doubt, Japan’s best kept secret with intricate ceremonies devoted to its enjoyment. Grown slowly in shaded areas, Matcha green tea differs from the kind of green tea found in a tea bag as it contains superior antioxidant, nutrient and chlorophyll content thanks to its harvesting process (often done by hand). True ceremonial-grade Matcha is vibrant green, possessing a more umami, and slightly grassy but not bitter flavour profile. Now, while this might throw you off a little taste wise, bear with us. When paired with hot creamy milk (our favourite is an oat milk Matcha latte), Matcha becomes a dreamy and nourishing pick-me-up. 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine or like to limit how much caffeine you consume like us, Matcha lattes are an incredible alternative for two important reasons. While Matcha still contains caffeine, the amount of caffeine in a Matcha latte is less than a regular coffee which means you're less likely to experience those anxious jitters we've come to know after a cup of coffee. Even more amazing though is the fact that Matcha naturally contains the amino acid L-theanine, which supports the nervous system by helping to promote calmness, focus, and when combined with caffeine, produces longer lasting sustained energy release (read: no post caffeine crash). It seems like an oxymoron to have energised and calm in the same sentence but when it comes to Matcha, it all makes sense. 

Knowrish Well Mystic Matcha Super Latte


  1. Pick your matcha. We naturally suggest our Mystic Matcha Super Latte blend which contains organic, ceremonial-grade Japanese Matcha powder along with adaptogens to help your body cope with stress. 
  2. Add a small amount of hot water to a serving of matcha latte blend in a small bowl or glass. Whisk or stir vigorously to prevent clumps. 
  3. Pour into hot milk (oat, coconut, or soy are our top picks) or into cold milk with ice and sweeten if you desire. Add reusable straw, sip and feel the Mystic Matcha calm energy come over you. 


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