Empowering Your Libido

Our intricate bodies possess an incredible ability to respond to various triggers, encompassing shifts in our desires. Within this context, the term "libido," is used to describe our drive and passion, which plays a pivotal role in our overall wellness. This concept isn't static; it varies from person to person, transitioning between a state of heightened appeal and diminished allure.

Women of all ages can experience low libido, which can be caused by a number of physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors. High levels of stress, mental health changes, hormonal fluctuations, and overall health can all have an impact. Let’s take a closer look into some of the factors that affect libido:


Mental Health

The delicate balance of your libido can be impacted by stress, anxiety, and depression. This trio is known for increasing the stress hormone cortisol in your body which sends a ripple effort through your entire system. Those vital sex hormones that kindle the flames of desire? They're impacted, dampening the spark. When your thoughts are tangled up in the web of worries and discomfort, igniting desire and engaging in intimate moments can be difficult.

If you struggle to reduce your stress, try including some stress relieving activities into your schedule. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation, or even a soothing bath can help you to unwind after a long and stressful day.

Magnesium, iron, B6, and adaptogenic herbs have also been demonstrated to enhance mental wellness. If you’re looking for blends that support your wellness from the inside out, check out our range (you can thank us later).  


Relationship Dynamics

Interpersonal dynamics matter, too! A drop in libido can stem from unresolved issues, miscommunication, or emotional disconnection. A satisfying sexual life often thrives in a strong relationship. Open communication can help to build intimacy and create a safe space to explore mutual interests. Comfort and enthusiasm from both sides involve discussions about boundaries and consent. It's all about keeping the connection robust and real.



Hormones play a vital role in regulating sexual desire. When they’re out of sync your sex drive can waver. Think of it like a seesaw; changes in progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels can tilt the balance of both desire and arousal. Women going through menopause, becoming pregnant, or simply having hormone levels shift can experience these hormonal changes. Higher oestrogen levels in the body encourage vaginal lubrication and heighten sexual desire. Progesterone augmentations can lessen sexual desire.

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Overall Health

Skipping exercise, poor eating, and sleep deprivation? They can all put a dent in your libido.

A drop in desire might be linked to hormonal imbalance and the exhaustion that comes with lack of sleep. Try sticking to a sleep routine and making sure to unwind properly before bed each night.

Processed junk and a nutrient-poor diet can also sap your sex drive. But you can turn things around by adding nutrient-packed wholefoods to your meals, revving up your energy and desire. If you need healthy recipe inspiration, check out our recipe blog. Full of wholesome recipes designed to nourish from within.

Don't overlook exercise! Keeping a consistent workout routine helps maintain hormone balance and improves blood circulation. From a morning walk to a lunch break stretch or an after-work gym session, regular exercise brings a ton of perks.


For a life filled with happiness and purpose, nurturing our libido is just as vital as tending to our physical and mental well-being. Elevating your desire involves a holistic approach, caring for both body and mind. By embracing self-care, fostering transparent communication and prioritising your well-being, you lay the foundation for passionate and fulfilling sexual experiences. Remember, each person's journey is unique, so take the time to figure out what sparks your passion and incorporate it into your overall well-being.

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